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Soulcraft Issue #3


SOULCRAFT fanzine issue 3 - spring 2021
124 A5 pages, black & white, pro-printed.
1st press; 500 copies.

Cover by Mick Lambrou (https://www.instagram.com/micklambrou/)
Artwork by Ultra Grim (ultragrim.tumblr.com)

Interviews / features (alphabetically):
Axe To Grind Podcast, Cauldron Of Burgers, Chain Reaction, Change, Choice To Make, Combust, Delta Kapa, Icepick, Mindforce, Mutually Assured Destruction, Never Ending Game, New Morality Zine, One King Down, One Step Closer, Promise Kept Digital, Rampage!, Reality Filter Photography
RGB Designs, Slam Jameson Art, World Be Free.

UK distros get in touch if you would like a few at a distro rate.

Tracking is available upon request, just pop us an email at info@nuclearfamilyrecords.co.uk to arranage it.