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NFR075 - Gut Wound "Gut Wound" Cassette


Switzerland's own are here to bring you into a time machine and take you back to the hardcore punk you know and love from the 80's and 90's. Fast paced and full of fury, this record is definitely packs a hell of a punch!

FFO: Restraining Order, The Fight, Freedom


20 multi-colour glitter tapes (Flinstones Cover)
20 black (Standard Cover)

Shipping very late 2020

Hold tight Craven and Mannu for all of their help with the artwork.

Coreleased with:
Stand Together Records (Switzerland)
Yourh Authority Records (France)
STTW Records (Germany)

Tracking is available upon request, just pop us an email at info@nuclearfamilyrecords.co.uk to arranage it.